BSNL revised Landline plan rental charges

Telecom PSU, BSNL with the largest subscriber base in landline connections Pan India, has decided to revise the tariffs for its subscribers in both rural and urban areas.

BSNLTo maintain the rural telephony with landline exchange, it needs huge maintenance cost every month, it is very big burden for any telecom operator. BSNL is the only company which provides landline, and Landline along Broadband for Rural India having many special discounts. BSNL works for the society benefit rather than profit, but it is one of the factor which is making BSNL to go to doll drums, for this BSNL is just increasing Rs.20 per month of rental charge for maintaining the same.

In the same line, to keep life for the rural telephony BSNL has just hiked monthly rental charges in PAN India of existing BSNL Landline Plans with respect to inflation from Rs.120 to Rs 140, and 140 to 160 in Rural area, for urban area it is from Rs.160 to 180 by allowing free calls too from Landline applicable with in BSNL Network, and also by continuing the unlimited free call facility from BSNL Landline to any network mobile and landline with in India between 9PM to 7AM without any extra charges having following tariff.

The fixed monthly charges (FMC) of some landline plans have been increased by Rs.20 while the corresponding free metered call units (MCU) for calling other BSNL numbers have nearly been halved. The details of the tariff hike are outlined in the table.

The revised BSNL landline tariff will be:

Rural Landline Plan Urban Landline Plan One India Plan
Particulars Exchange capacity system<1000 lines Exchange capacity system >=1000<30,000 lines For Exchange capacity system >=30,000 Exchange capacity system<30,000 Exchange capacity system>=30,000 For all exchange capacity system in rural/urban
Existing FMC (in Rs.) 120 140 195 160 220 220
Existing FreeMCUs(LOCAL+STD) 120 onBSNL N/Wonly 140 onBSNL N/Wonly 195 onBSNL N/Wonly 160 onBSNL N/W only 220onBSNL N/W only 220 on BSNL N/W only
Revised FMC (in Rs.) 140 160 195 180 220 220
Revised FreeOn-netMCUs ( local+ STD) 75 On BSNL Network only 75 OnBSNL Network only 100  OnBSNL Network only 90         OnBSNL Network only 110      OnBSNL Network only 110  On BSNL Network only
Additional facility Unlimited free calls from BSNL Landline phone to mobile & landline of any network with in India between 9PM to 7AM.
Call charges after free calls / day calls No change in call charges & call pulse duration.

Along with the bundled free MCUs for BSNL numbers, all the above plans also include free night time calling to any mobile or landline network Pan India between 9 PM to 7 AM. The above tariff hike will come into effect from 1st November 2015 in all 20 circles where BSNL operates.

Subscribers who have recently taken a BSNL landline connection will be allowed to enjoy the existing tariff plan for up to 6 months on the network, after which the revised tariff will be applicable to them.

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